Build A Children's Home

Build A Children's Home

We are planning to open our first children's home, which is currently under construction, in the Khulna division in western Bangladesh.

This home will initially house up to 12 children, along with the house parents. We, however, have the land and the infrastructure to add-on and care for more children in the near future.

We are taking orphans and children currently living on the street and adopting them into our family and treating and raising them them as our own children. Our kids will attend the local schools. Due to the fact that many of our kids haven't attended school before we will bring tutors to the home throughout the week to help the children catch up and then help them excel. The children will also be shown the love of Christ and raised with a strong foundation in the Bible.

We will engage in the community and include them in celebrations throughout the year, giving back, with an eye on sharing the Gospel at every turn.

We want to share the Gospel and share the love of Jesus through caring for the abandoned children and not being merely a place where they can stay, but a family where they belong.

We plan to travel at least once a year to review the Home and look for opportunities to share the love of Christ in Bangladesh.

Your continuing prayers and support makes this all possible, thanks again!

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.